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The River Oaks Theater is proud to be Houston’s premier art house cinema, where we will celebrate the lasting beauty and power of film. Paying homage to the theater’s rich history, we will feature cinema events such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and host various film festivals, ensuring that film lovers can enjoy their movie experiences within this important cinematic gem.

Guests of the River Oaks Theater will be able to enjoy an enhanced cinema experience with a focus on unmatched hospitality, high-quality food and beverages, flawless presentation, and other cutting-edge theater amenities.

“The River Oaks Theater is a historical and cultural pillar in the city of Houston.” - Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

River Oaks Theater, Inc., is an affiliate of the Star Cinema Grill Group, a Houston-based dine-in-theater concept which currently operates eleven movie theaters in Texas and Illinois. River Oaks Theater, Inc. plans to preserve the theater’s rich history and Art Deco design, as well as its name, River Oaks Theater, so it continues to remain a top destination in Texas for movie fans.

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